ABSPlatform™ for Originators

ABSPlatform™ is a superb tool for originators, especially first-time originators based anywhere in the world.

The most common time for ABS originators to look for IT solutions is when they're working on their first asset securitisation project. For these first-time originators we offer a unique package that combines:

  • Consultancy services with
  • Customised IT solutions

Our consultancy services can help first-time originators with any or all of the following:

  • Re-engineering of internal processes to meet the demands of securitisation
  • Support throughout the securitisation process for all stages including beauty contests for investment banks, trustees or rating agencies
  • Moderating securitisation process with involved parties
  • Set-up of internal data-capturing process
  • Selection and retrieval of necessary data for assets to be securitised

As an originator, you can choose to take our consulting services on their own or combine them with the development of appropriate IT systems. You can't do without these systems. They will give you the data and the reports required by the arranging bank, the rating agencies, the investors and anyone else involved in the process.

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