ABSPlatform™ for Investors

ABSPlatform™ gives ABS investors the support they need to make sound and timely investment decisions.

ABSPlatform™ is a complete package for investors. It combines high- and low-level ABS investment and portfolio management with reporting, monitoring and risk analysis. Moreover, ABSPlatformTM gives you access to fresh transaction and market data which is updated daily through customised interfaces with data vendors.

ABSPlatform™ is a platform solution that's easily tailored to your needs. The platform supports every department involved in the ABS investment process, e.g. trading, back office, control, risk and research. By customising ABSPlatformTM you can combine your risk assessment, monitoring and reporting functions within one central application. At a stroke you can control your entire investment portfolio from one location.

Best of all, you can work faster with ABSPlatform™. With the facts at your fingertips and the analytical tools to make sense of them, you can make investment decisions earlier and squeeze more value from your investment in IT.

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