Unlock the potential of your ABS business

ABSPlatform™ gives you the tools to succeed within the complex ABS market. ABSPlatformTM is unique. This is a fully featured suite of software applications for automating and integrating portfolio management, reporting, monitoring and analysing risk and market data for a vast range of ABS investment products and deal types.

With ABSPlatform™ you can optimise and manage your entire ABS portfolio, support key business processes and achieve competitive advantage in a market where information and insight are paramount.

ABSPlatform™ is the platform that puts you in control. It helps anyone who is involved in the securitisation market - originators, issuers, fund managers or institutional investors - trade with greater confidence and effectiveness.

Monitor your market

  • Market-to-market monitoring
  • Optimise your view of various asset and deal types
  • Set your own customised market change triggers
  • Monitor what's important to you with instant drill-down detail

Manage your assets and investments

  • Support of all common ABS and CDO types, deal structures and underlyings
  • Historisation of data changes
  • Flexible four-eyes-control
  • Waterfall and cash-flow engines

Report on your ABS business

  • Create your own customised reports
  • Automate report generation
  • Collaborate with other report-users
  • Use or adapt ready-made report templates

Analyse your risks

  • Ongoing or report-based risk calculations
  • Risk analytics
  • Market analytics
  • Performance analytics

Interface with industry data sources

  • MarkIT
  • Rating agencies (Moody's, Fitch, Standard & Poor's)
  • Bloomberg

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