ABSPlatform™ for Managers of CDOs and CLOs

The work of CDO and CLO managers is highly specialised. They need:

  • Tailor-made portfolio management solutions in the form of individual and proprietary analysis tools that match their own structured credit skills
  • Tools for replicating the liability structure and waterfall model of each CDO or CLO mandate
  • A hypothetical trading engine that will run scenarios on potential trades and show their impact on equity returns and compliance with transaction triggers

On a day-to-day basis, CDO and CLO managers want easily configurable solutions that they can set up as soon as a new CDO or CLO is launched and the warehouse period begins. The modular architecture of ABSPlatform™ handles this feature with ease. It gives managers a reliable solution that they can easily implement, and which they can refer to during investor presentations or due diligence visits.

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