ABSPlatform™ supports every link in the investment chain

Pre-investment: make a well-informed decision sooner
When choosing assets, ABS investors have to understand the detail and the performance characteristics of their chosen ABS or CDO investment. They look at the transaction structure, its risk and the expected return profile. They may bring in other departments to create a detailed risk assessment report. Isolating the relevant transaction data takes time which, in turn, delays production of the risk analysis and risk assessment.

ABSPlatform™ for the pre-investment cycle
ABSPlatform™ speeds the decision process by pulling all the source data together automatically, and combining the functionality of portfolio and risk management in a single application. To successfully manage the tasks arising from the process of pre-investment ABSPlatform™ provides investors with:

  • A customizable and clear analysis of the pre-investment process
  • The modelling of a new deal structure, cash-flow projection and an analysis of hypothetical investments
  • The facility to use risk models, provided by Fitch or Standard & Poor's
  • A flexible generation of customized investment decision reports
  • Support of various departments involved in the field of pre-investment
  • The facility to track any decision status regarding new investments

Post-investment: stay ahead when circumstances change
The market is constantly changing. The way you deal with post-investment market movements is just as important as the effort you put into pre-investment planning. The faster and more effectively you react, the more profitable your investment will be.

ABSPlatform™ for the post-investment cycle
Track the relevant transaction data and continuously reanalyse the risks. You can do this as often as you wish - daily, weekly, monthly - to give you an accurate, up-to-the-minute picture of your complete portfolio and the individual securities within it. You can automate the entire process to generate reports as soon as market movements, asset valuations or risk factors hit trigger points set by you. Our IT-solution will enable you to:

  • Model, manage and control all deals you have invested in
  • Monitor all portfolio changes in a customized way based on user-triggers
  • Keep track of risk analysis continuously
  • Feed market data automatically
  • Receive IT-driven support of any additional business process you are already performing or plan to establish
  • Receive template-based report generation, even for past dates

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