Watch your investment business from every angle - and from one application

Effective control and management of different ABS and CDO deals requires continual notification and updating of all the components in a securitisation structure. ABSPlatform™ doesn't just support conventional transactions; it can handle complex waterfall structures as well as calculate different cash-flows. It provides you with the following functionalities:

  • A workflow driven portfolio management model
  • Support of the ABS, CDO and MBS deal types and structures most used
  • A waterfall modelling and cash-flow calculation engine
  • The historisation of any market changes
  • An aggregated management of all investment positions
  • An advanced portfolio tracing for CDOs
  • Hypothetical trading
  • Support of different roles in portfolio management
  • Integrated four-eyes-control
  • The combination of monitoring, reporting, risk analysis and data feeds in one application

To offer the best of all solutions, we moreover added functionality to portfolio management. Each mask and user interface to information now is customizable, and will thus fit your company's requirements even better than before.

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