To monitor your investment portfolio you will either need more departments or just one software

As an investor you have to take the challenges of monitoring and managing your entire investment portfolio timely while meeting the requirements set by regulations, a demanding risk analysis and a constantly alternating market situation at the same time.

A growing ABS and CDO business means:

  • Monitoring requires high manual effort
  • Excel or Access are often used for reporting and management
  • The number of the portfolio's ABS investments is growing
  • New and strict regulatory requirements
  • Complexity of the ABS structures is increasing
  • Quantifying risks of assets and various transaction structures is difficult
  • Market data tends to be incomplete or not up-to-date


New challenges for Investors:

  • To evaluate the portfolio's risks and accomplish own risk strategies
  • Be in the possession of up-to-date and correct market data for invested ABS deals
  • To integrate new ABS structures promptly
  • To integrate regulatory requirements
  • To set internal requirements for an adequate ABS management
  • To reduce manual effort in reporting, risk-analysis, monitoring and ABS management

Our Solution for ABS/CDO Investors - The Customizable ABSPlatform™
The ABSPlatform™ gives you the tools to succeed within the complex ABS market. We provide you a fully featured suite of software applications for automating and integrating portfolio management, reporting, monitoring and analysing risks and market data for a vast range of structured products and deal types.

Supported Business Processes
Our software supports and is based on the following business processes involved in portfolio management:

Pre- and Post-Investment
Global Portfolio Management
Flexible Reporting
Customizable Monitoring
Risk Analysis
Data Feed Integration
Customization and Personalization

Business Advantages
Our software is primarily designed to provide you with a number of benefits for your business.

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